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Proud Partner of:

Roadside Assistance Legal Plan

Did you know?

  • Driving on a suspended/revoked driver's license is now a crime punishable by jail?
  • Conviction of drug possession will result in a driver's license suspension/revocation regardless of whether or not a motor vehicle was involved?
  • A judgment involving a motor vehicle accident will result in the suspension of your driver's license?
  • Arrest for DWI results in the immediate suspension of your license pending prosecution? (And possibly the seizure of your car!)
  • There is no such thing as a restricted or conditional CDL?

The Roadside Assistance Legal Plan was designed to keep America moving. Legal Club provides members access to a nationwide network of thousands of attorneys in all 50 states that provide members with free and discounted legal care.

The Roadside Assistance Legal Plan allows members and their family to access the plan attorneys through a toll free member services line. Upon placing a call to member services members will be referred to a plan attorney based on area of law, language and location.

Membership includes the member, spouse or domestic partner, dependent children who are under the age of 25 and any categorically dependent individuals living in the plan member's home such as a parent or grandparent.

Roadside Assistance Legal Plan members are entitled to the following legal services for free.

Free Legal Care*
The following free services are available at no charge from your plan.

  • Initial face to face or phone consultations for each new legal matter
  • Plan attorneys will write letters on your behalf for each new legal matter, when deemed appropriate by your plan attorney
  • Plan attorneys will make phone calls on your behalf for each new legal matter, when deemed appropriate by your plan attorney
  • Review of independent legal documents (6 pages maximum per document, no limit to the number of new independent documents)

* In many states, attorney liability may require plan attorneys to obtain a retainer from the member prior to providing some of the free member benefits.

Deeply Discounted Legal Services**

  Member Rate Non-Member Rate
• Traffic Ticket Defense

A plan attorney will review your case, consult with you and plan your defense. The plan attorney will also accompany you and/or represent you in traffic court.

**Court costs, filing fees and time charged for travel to and from courts are additional.

Detailed Legal Service definitions can be found in Section 3 of the Plan Guidebook.

Guaranteed Low Hourly Rate:
Plan attorneys have contracted to charge no more than $125.00 per hour, or 40% off their usual and customary hourly rate, whichever is greater, for legal care that goes beyond the free and discounted services described above.

In the case of extended legal care, plan attorneys may ask you for a retainer. Any retainer sought will be computed by multiplying the number of hours a plan attorney believes a case will take, by the appropriate discounted hourly plan rate. For instance; 10 hours x $125.00 = a retainer of $1,250.00. Any unused portion of the retainer will be returned to you.

Our plan attorneys handle all traffic related legal areas.
Some examples are;

  • Vehicular Negligence
  • License Revocation and Reinstatement
  • Criminal & Civil Lawsuits
  • And much, much more…

In the event you are charged with a misdemeanor or felony, your plan attorney will consult with you for free and then assist you in choosing the best course of action.

Contingency Fee Discounts

Plan attorneys often work on a contingency fee basis for cases involving personal injury. This fee is usually expressed as a percentage of the amount collected or awarded. In these matters, your plan attorney has agreed to reduce his or her contingency fee by 10%. As such, should you win your law suit and money be awarded to you, more of that money will go into your pocket.

With the assistance of a qualified plan attorney you could avoid prosecution, penalties, revocation of your license and in some cases incarceration.

A qualified plan attorney can assist you in avoiding these pit falls. If you make your living on the road, you and your family can’t afford to be without a driver’s license.

All groups or individuals interested in working with Legal Care Direct as a distributor, wholesaler or purchaser of large quantities of our programs should contact Legal Care Direct™. A list of contacts can be found by clicking HERE.