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Niche Legal Plans

The Niche Legal Series was created so that our distributors and agents could better serve the needs of their clients.

Each niche legal product is designed to match a particular vertical market with the legal issues associated with that market segment.

This synergistic approach to selling helps distributors, agents and brokers quickly identify the natural fit for the niche product as it relates to a client’s core business or a product they may already be offering to that client.

Due to Legal Club’s unique, non-insurance status in all 50 states, our legal plans can be marketed across state lines without limitation or the need to obtain any licenses. Additionally, the products remain the same in all 50 states, thus no state specific disclaimers or explanations are necessary.

If you have a particular niche market that you’d like to reach, please contact Legal Care Direct™ and allow us to design a niche legal plan for your unique need.

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Bruce Stief
954-377-0222 ext. 108