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Small Business Legal Plan Planmember Guidebook

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Section 3
Definitions & Miscellaneous Information


COLLECTIONS MATTERS: Are defined as any matter in which the business is owed money by a debtor. This may include calls and letters and court appearances if necessary.

PLAN MEMBERS: Are defined as any business who has contracted with Legal Care Direct™ for a membership in the plan and has a current paid membership.

PLAN/PARTICIPATING ATTORNEYS: Are defined as licensed and qualified to practice law in their state, to maintain professional liability insurance if required by their state, and have contracted with Legal Club of America to provide legal services to plan members as outlined in this Plan Member Guidebook for the law areas that they handle and the cases that they accept.


  • Participating attorneys are bound by their state’s professional code of ethics. They will advise you if they have a conflict of interest in taking your case. Attorneys have the inherent right to decline a case for any reason. However, plan attorneys have agreed not to reject any eligible plan member seeking services by reason of the amount of fees to which he or she may be entitled to charge under the Legal Care Direct™ plan. If this occurs, you may be referred to another attorney on the plan by calling Legal Care Direct’s Member Services Department for assistance.
  • You may cancel your membership at any time by written notification only. Membership dues are fully refundable for thirty (30) days following the initial enrollment unless otherwise contracted.
  • Attorney fees are paid directly to your plan attorney. Participating attorneys are not employees of Legal Club of America®, Legal Club Financial or Legal Care Direct™ and have no financial obligation to the company.
  • Legal Club of America®, Legal Club Financial or Legal Care Direct™ and any of their agents, officers, or subsidiaries are not liable to indemnify or reimburse any plan member or participating attorney for any attorney fees or costs generated by the plan member.
  • Legal Club America® and Legal Club Financial, or Legal Care Direct™, its subsidiaries, State Bar Associations and other regulatory agencies do not guarantee the quality or quantity of legal services that are provided by plan attorneys. However, all participating attorneys are required to provide certificates of liability insurance if required by their state associations, and background checks are performed periodically to verify that they are in good standing.
  • The plan attorneys in their attorney/client relationship have the sole responsibility for providing legal services to the plan member.
  • Legal Club of America®, Legal Club Financial or Legal Care Direct™ is not a law firm, insurance carrier or a provider of legal services.
  • All memberships shall automatically renew at the end of each membership term, unless Legal Club of America®, Legal Club Financial or Legal Care Direct™ is notified in writing at least thirty (30) days prior to the end of the term.
  • The term “guarantee” as used in this guidebook refers to the guarantee that Legal Club of America®, Legal Club Financial or Legal Care Direct™ will use its best effort to locate and refer its members to an attorney that will abide by the fee schedule outlined herein. If an attorney cannot be found for a member, the member’s only recourse is a refund of the most recent month’s membership fee.
  • Court filing fees, expert witness fees, court costs, court reporter fees, transcript expenses, photocopying costs, postage, telephone toll charges and any other incidental expenses incurred by the plan member are excluded from discounted rates under any of the three pricing formulas described in this guidebook. Travel expenses are not eligible at discounted rates when the attorney must travel to represent a plan member’s interests.
  • Information available at will contain the most up-to-date plan benefits, definitions, terms and conditions, etc. In the event of a conflict or discrepancy, the website content shall be considered the most up-to-date and correct.

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