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Small Business Legal Plan Planmember Guidebook

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WELCOME! Thank you for joining the Legal Care Direct™ Small Business Plan! For your convenience, we have compiled this guidebook to describe your plan member privileges. Please read this booklet carefully, as it contains all the benefits of membership provided by our plan attorneys.

Section 1
Eligibility and Plan Usage

Business Eligibility
Upon enrollment, your business becomes a corporate member of the Legal Care Direct™ Small Business Plan. You have immediate access to your benefits. The plan is designated for use by the business only and may not be used by employees of the company or for personal legal matters. Please inquire with our Member Services Department (MSD) regarding the Legal Care Direct™ Family Legal Plan which is available on an individual basis or to employees on an employer paid or voluntary payroll deduction basis.

Plan Usage
Members should use the contact information below to access the services included in the Legal Care Direct™ Small Business Plan. When using any of the member service numbers, members must identify themselves as belonging to Legal Club of America®.

Free & Discounted Legal Care

How to Reach a Plan Attorney: Members obtain attorney referrals by contacting our Member Services Department (MSD), using the toll-free number provided. There is no limit to the number of referrals you may receive. When contacting the MSD a Member Service Representative (MSR) will ask you to identify yourself and the method by which you became affiliated with Legal Care Direct™. Upon verification of membership they will then ask you to briefly describe your legal issue at which time they will refer you to a plan attorney that practices the appropriate area of law, speaks your language and is conveniently located. If the appropriate plan attorney can not be immediately identified, the MSR will refer your issue over to the Legal Care Direct™ Provider Services Department (PSD). The PSD will call you within two business days to make sure the best available referral is given to you.

Contacting Plan Attorneys: When contacting a Legal Care Direct™ plan attorney you must notify the attorney's office that you are a Legal Club of America® member. If for any reason the plan attorney is unable to assist you please call our toll-free Member Service number for another referral.

Plan attorneys may be out of the office attending to other clients. As such please allow up to 3 business days for the plan attorney to respond to your call.

  • Member Services number: (800) 305-6816
  • Web Tools:
  • Hours of Operation: 8:00 am – 8:00 pm EST, Monday – Friday

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