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Family Legal Plan Planmember Guidebook

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Section 4
Terms & Conditions

The following matters are excluded from your plan privileges:

  • Legal matters involving the laws of jurisdictions outside the United States or its subdivisions.
  • Legal matters where the plan member has already retained participating counsel at their usual rates prior to enrollment in Legal Club of America®, Legal Club Financial or Legal Care Direct™.
  • Frivolous legal matters as determined by the plan attorney in accordance with the professional code of ethics in their state.
  • Any action involving Legal Club of America®, Legal Club Financial or Legal Care Direct™, plan attorneys, affiliated companies or any of their company’s or affiliated company’s directors, officers, employees or agents in any matter in which they have interests adverse to the plan member’s.
  • Legal matters against the plan sponsor, employer, directors, officers, agents or employees, where Legal Club of America®, Legal Club Financial or Legal Care Direct™ membership was gained through the sponsor or employer’s efforts.
  • In matters where the plan member and eligible family member have adverse interests, only the original plan member is eligible for plan discounts and not the family member unless both parties provide written authorization and consent otherwise.

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