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Information for Attorneys

Legal Club of America® has quickly become the standard for quality legal referral services nationwide. Legal Club provides a steady stream of referrals to its nationwide network of attorneys. In turn, network attorneys contract with Legal Club to provide legal services to our membership while adhering to the fee schedule outlined in the plan member guidebook.

Legal Club plan attorneys have an average of 19.4 years of experience in the legal field.

Keep your office staff busy with new clients!

Legal Club helps you build your practice by:

  • We absorb the cost of marketing your firm
  • We increase your client flow and office productivity
  • We provide referrals from other attorneys in your area

Legal Club helps you build your practice by:

  • Maintain $100,000 per incident / $300,000 aggregate professional liability insurance (if required by their state) or at least the state-mandated minimums (furnishing us with a certificate).
  • Provide legal services to Legal Club members, at the rates specified in the ‘Fee Schedule’ section of the Planmember Guidebook published by Legal Club of America®.
  • Maintain an office for the practice of law and be regularly engaged in the practice of law in their state.

To learn more about how to become a Legal Club Plan Attorney, please contact:

Elaine Gonzalez
Director of Provider Services
(800) 852-6829, ext. 122